The Infinyte Values

Into the Infinyte: Who we are, what we do and how we do what we do

At Infinyte, we are easygoing and we do not take ourselves too seriously. We do take our work, what we do and how we show up very seriously. Sacredly, even. One thing we are absolutely serious about and adhere to as gospel truths is our values.

We pay attention to the little things, are proud of everything we do/touch/put out into the world.

A company is not built by putting in the hours everyday alone; an enduring, lasting institution is built on pillars we as a group agree to unequivocally live by. What we value is who we are.

Shippers ship, quitters quit!

Each one of us at Infinyte carries  the responsibility to move our mission and therefore the  function that serves this mission forward every day. Each week we ask ourselves, how did we move the needle forward? How did we get a step closer to achieving our mission? We are embarrassed if the answer to this self reflection comes up naught. We own our efforts and gun for outcomes. Efforts over outcomes leads to a mindset that mistakes motion for progress. We hold ourselves accountable, take responsibility for our work and actions and see  things through. We take the long-view, sweat the details, and think about how our work makes Infinyte and therefore, ourselves as individuals too, better every day. At Infinyte, we are ALWAYS shipping.

We take immense pride and joy in our work.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” - Aristotle

Perfection wears a different look everyday so we seek excellence. We work in public and publish all our work for everyone to see. We check and double-check our work; we operate with accuracy and precision. We are in the business of money; we are in the business of trust. Lazy work is a mark of disrespect to everyone including ourselves and therefore we put out work that we are proud of and happy to have our name on.

We are invested in the collective’s success.

We take responsibility for our collective success and in our collective success, lies our individual success. We put our customers, teammates, and the mission of Infinyte before ourselves. We are considerate about how our actions affect others. We believe that energy is contagious, therefore we are the bright spots for the people around us in every interaction. It’s not about you or me alone, it’s about us. We play together to win as a championship team and create magic.

We trust and receive feedback as a gift.

When someone shares feedback with us, we trust that it is shared with the intention to evolve and compound. We first listen, pause and process and then act. We never pass up an opportunity to make our work, and ourselves better. We do not play defense and we do not receive feedback with responses that begin with the “ifs” and the “buts”. We are constant learners, works in progress. We know that we don’t have all the answers, humbly seek the truth, and strive to get better every day.

As individuals, as a company, and in our products, we seek continual progress over perfection and acknowledge shortcomings as a matter of fact. Progress comes not from avoiding mistakes or hard truths, but in embracing and learning from them.

We are plainspoken.

We communicate and collaborate with compassion and purpose - quickly, precisely, accurately, in plain words. Being plainspoken and communicating with compassion is speaking the truth from a place of care and authenticity. When we say what we mean, and mean what we say, we are trusting the other side with the truth.

"Bad news speaks first" is one way we practice plainspokenness. By being transparent about the good and the bad, rather than hiding what we did wrong, we are ensuring a balanced perspective. Speaking honestly about our challenges, asking for help builds credibility and brings to us the gift of help and support, rather than censure and criticism.

Developing plainspokenness means learning to make our message land with clarity. It also means cutting out hedge and filler words and speaking directly to the situation.

We are problem-solving centric, not egocentric when communicating and collaborating. We have the maturity to attack a problem without attacking a person.

We have a responsibility to each other to ensure every interaction is energizing, not draining. We are sharing and learning and aiming to be 1% better than the previous day, everyday. We therefore bring our 100% to every discussion and interaction. We are energy-givers.

We make tough decisions without agonising or delays. We take informed risks and are open to possible failure. We question actions inconsistent with these behaviours. We are willing to be vulnerable, in search of truth and connection.

We prepare thoroughly, and move quickly.

We don’t intellectualise forever, we launch, ship, iterate. We don’t research endlessly, we A/B test. We apply ourselves, but to execute. We use data to inform our intuition and choices. We don’t mistake motion for progress. Once a decision is made, we don’t constantly agonise over it or second guess. We trust that whenever someone makes a decision, it is the right one, given the information that could be available to them at that time.

We work fast through organised speeding. We always organise work while we create it. We organize when we create; we name meticulously, and we stay true to the nomenclature and style we set. We take a second more to make work easy to navigate because when we run, we run fast.

We constantly prioritise short term execution, medium term pragmatism and long-term thinking. Even when we experiment, we set ourselves up for scale.

We operate in the present, and we think in the future.

We are owners. Of our mission, our mindset, and our actions.

Our mission is a hard one. It will take all kinds of hard work and alchemy to achieve the mission we have set out on and to realise our version of a changed world. While magic and serendipity is not in our control, we can however control how we present ourselves to our work.

At Infinyte, we show up with a 100% of ourselves to every situation, problem, conversation, project and product. We bring our best selves to every thing we do and don’t let our own baggage and biases hold us back or inform our next move. We bring passion, commitment and extreme ownership to everything we do. Our passion and energy is infectious - it drives and uplifts the entire team.

Complex and compound problems are not solved by renters, they’re solved by true believers with an ownership mindset. Whereas renters are mercenaries focused on short-term personal gain, owners optimise for long-term outcomes, plug holes, think and act beyond their job description. We bring alchemy to the game, we also know we have to let serendipity take over and every single time, we punch above our weight.

We are customer obsessed.

We always make products that are in the best interest of our customers. We listen when our customers speak, we listen even when they don’t.

When we build for our customers to win, we win too. If we  find ourselves optimising between our best interest and the customer's best interest, the problem statement needs revision. We are always advocating for our customers. After all, we are here to unlock a world that was hitherto not available to our customers.

We make magic happen.

We create extraordinary experiences and we bring delight to products and interactions.

We are makers bringing magic, delight and joy to all our experiences, products and interactions. Magic is hard to define but we all know it when we feel, see it. It can come in the form of a breakthrough, a big beautiful idea that stands the test of reality. Sometimes magic brings us to the future faster, and other times it inspires us through its beauty. Magic comes through when we collectively move in lockstep, match each other's intensity and together drive outcomes no one believed possible. We create what inspires and we create what makes us perceive reality differently.

We work through iterative craftsmanship because we are always striving for a little more of that pixie-dust that keeps us going. We solve for time, calm, joy and wealth and we deliver these through every magical experience that we create.

More of these we deliver in a single product/moment/experience or interaction, in a single and singular synchronised effort, the more magical it is going to be. We are Infinyte.