We are here to create a million millionaires. Find the challenge worthy? Join us.


πŸ’²We are on a mission to create millionaires! We are here to create a new world order; one in which ESOPs are real and you are recognised for the risk you have taken. Through your career in startups you have collected ESOPs. Now arm yourself with avenues to unlock liquidity and further deploy into other high-growth opportunities. We are the platform that solves for your wealth, professional progress and risk-taking ability and status.

The future we see is a world where high growth opportunities are democratised and accessible to those who dream. Simply put, Infinyte is the platform where we will try to create liquidity for your ESOPs and help you further redeploy it into other high growth investment opportunities.

If any of this sounds interesting and you want in on our mission, read on. These pages are intended to give you a glimpse into what we are building, our guiding principles, and what to expect if you make it to the team!


♾️What is Infinyte Club? And why?🀌The Infinyte Values🀸🏽Who are we looking for? πŸ’―What does hiring process look like?πŸ“ˆWhat is day-to-day like at Infinyte?βœ…Why join us? Benefits. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’ΌWhat roles are we hiring for?πŸ™ŒHow to make your application stand out🀝Meet the team