Content and Community

About the role: We are looking for a stellar editor, writer, community manager and marketer with a portfolio of work that demonstrates how you’ve used the power of the pen to create delightful and best-in-class user experiences. You know how to explain what IRR is to a 8th grader in a clear, conversational and engaging manner. You’re on top of the social game and love the craft of deriving insights about consumer behaviour.

It doesn't matter where you studied or what you scored in English in class 5, but if you are creative, love memes, like to write, know social media marketing, have dabbled with communities, have experience in long format, or at least most of these, we would love to talk to you. What we can assure you is a workplace that’s fun, cares about your growth, and bestows great responsibilities to those with great powers.

What you will do:

  • Manage a team of freelance writers for quality, accuracy and tone of voice; May need to contribute to writing a few key content pieces in the beginning
  • Edit and proofread our blog and create material for our marketing and social media
  • Craft forward-thinking copy that drives product adoption and builds brand loyalty. Make content decisions based on qualitative insights, quantitative data, our voice/tone, and the vision for our larger brand narrative
  • Manage the content marketing budget and marry that with an editorial calendar, and ensure deadlines are met. At Infinyte, everyone punches above their weight. Even the budgets.
  • Implement SEO best practices to drive traffic and engagement that translates to sales and brand promotion
  • Design and implement creative marketing strategies to disseminate content across channels
  • (Create and) monitor our social media accounts, and engage with users to ensure positive customer experiences
  • Collaborate with external stakeholders such as social media influencers to build a community of brand ambassadors
  • Manage all online communities and help develop deeper relationships with our audience

What you will need:

  • 5+ yrs of experience in content marketing, journalism or digital marketing agency. Bonus points if you have worked for brands which are obsessed with customer feedback. Double bonus points if you’ve measured and improved customer NPS for a consumer internet startup in the past
  • We are looking for someone who is a tech enthusiast during the day, a data analyst during the night and a writer all the time
  • Extraordinary written and verbal communication - not boring old school stuff like listicles, we are looking for a modern day rockstar, someone who can hook the attention of those Millenials and GenZ.
  • High degree of comfort translating complex tech and business concepts into clear and engaging writing with a strong, consistent voice
  • Applaudable wit, strong meme game and pop culture superpowers to create great quality responses and original social content
  • Knowledge of your tools - Google analytics, social media analytics, content marketing, email marketing, SEO etc. Data driven and highly analytical mindset.
  • Understanding of which platform different kinds of content are best suited to
  • Active Twitter account is a preference but not a mandatory requirement

Best things about the job:

  • A unique shot to solve a pathbreaking problem statement, not attempted at scale anywhere globally 🚀
  • A great opportunity to learn and develop yourself, immense career growth. We just got started. Things will get serious very, very soon.
  • Be part of the most entertaining core team you will find

Sold? Here’s how to apply:

  • Don’t overthink this. Just reach out to us at [email protected] with your CV and links to your portfolio. Bonus points for a cover letter that blows our mind! Please ensure to put your name and the role you are applying for in the subject line e.g <Katha Gupta | Content and Community Lead>.
  • If you apply, we’ll make sure we get back to you within a week either with the next steps or the reasons why we feel we aren’t a fit for you. We do that for 100% of the applications we receive.