What is day-to-day like at Infinyte?

Not remote, but flexible

Our goal is audacious and has never been done before. We believe that building Infinyte will be no easy task and will require all of us to bring together equal parts creativity and hustle. In the early days while we are still figuring out what our product looks like, it’s all hands on deck. We want to be nimble and agile so that we hit the proverbial PMF gold. We think that being together in the same space will tease out our creative best and will allow us to feed off each others energy. We think that working together at office will best enable us to achieve our first milestone. Plus, it helps that our founding team is a real cast of characters, there never is a dull moment.

That said, if occasionally you want some quiet time and have to ship something without dependencies, feel free to WFH. We trust in your ability to choose whats best for your output.

Office hours

We are happy for you to pick office hours that work for you and allow you to make space for your personal pursuits. In order to collaborate effectively, all meetings will only be scheduled between 12-6pm so that both the early risers and night owls are happy. We expect you to be around during these core hours.


Apart from the daily stand-up(s) which is a sacred ritual to catch-up, share updates, steer the ship, plan together and make fun of each other, we typically avoid recurring meetings. We don’t do discussions over email and we don’t set up calls for one-sided FYI updates. We try to be pragmatically efficient about this theme without being prescriptive.

Updates can be handled async and can be sent over via a loom video (We love Loom!)

Needless to say, this will evolve as we scale. So will this section. 😄

The sacred fitness slot

Until proven otherwise, in life, we only have one life. As a consequence, all of us believe in healthy living. We push each other to be the fittest versions of ourselves. To structurally facilitate that, all of us choose a slot for fitness outside of core hours, and everyone else respects that slot when setting up meetings or calling up.


While we set up 1:1 feedback discussions with our reporting manager every few weeks, we ensure that those conversations are not deprioritized till appraisal day. At Infinyte, honest and constructive feedback is part of everyday life, not an annual exercise. It takes courage and selflessness to ask someone what you could be doing better, or to ask yourself what feedback you have yet to share with a colleague. But it’s critically important to work together and solve a problem that hasn’t been attempted at scale anywhere globally.

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