What is Infinyte Club? And why?

Infinyte raison d’etre

Startups are at the edge of building gravity-defying stuff. People like us take incredible risk to join this journey. While founders and investors have a line of sight into what reward looks like, we often end up with risk that looks like a lottery ticket (ESOPs). The time has come for us to be compensated and recognized for the incredible risk that we take on to build these rocketships.

As a team, we at Infinyte, have had front-row seats to the world of startups. Widely-owned equity is the mechanism by which entrepreneurship spreads from just the founder to the entire team of employees. These incredible individuals (we are talking to you!) devote substantial portions of their working life towards building something whose rewards they can take part in. One thing consistently caught our attention - that for our colleagues working alongside founders in the trenches, wealth creation - the reward was never quite on the horizon. We believe the time has come for us to be compensated for this risk that we take on this journey.

ESOPs until recently were simply not real. Till very recently, ESOPs simply remained an unfulfilled promise. Draconian policies and short exercise windows had rendered them useless. To make things worse, long liquidity horizons generated employee fatigue. The status quo means that the builders of the ecosystem (YOU!) did not get access to the wealth that they rightfully deserve.

Fun fact: It takes 18 years for an Indian company to IPO! It is unfair to expect employees to wait this long for any sign of liquidity. We believe it is time to change this. The builders of today deserve to be the wealthy of tomorrow.

Enter Infinyte: We are the flag bearers of change and are here to ensure that you are recognised and compensated for your efforts. Where the wealth embedded in ESOPs is real and you the Builder, can finally tap into the wealth you’ve created while shaping the startup ecosystem into what it is. Manage all your private equities from across your startup journey, track your net-worth across assets, access privileges and deploy your now unlocked wealth into other high-growth opportunities. As Infinyte grows, we will help you unlock performance on your wealth and also access hitherto unavailable opportunities.

It's about time all of us, the Craftspersons of the Modern Age, partake in what we’ve created. That time is here, the time is now.

🤌The Infinyte Values